New World Archaeology Lab

About the Lab

The New World Archaeology Lab at UConn examines the history of human occupation of North America, from the very earliest inhabitants to the later Colonial powers of Europe. We offer students the methodological and theoretical skills to address critical questions on human activity in the Americas.

Current Projects

  • Battlefields of the Pequot War (1636-1637): Currently conducting excavation and analysis of the Calluna Hill site (Site 59-73) a six household Pequot village and associated household middens attacked and burned by the English on May 26, 1637.
  • Battlefields of King Philip’s War (1675-1676): Currently conducting a battlefield survey of the Battle of Great Falls/Wissatinnwaug (May 18-19, 1676)
  • Excavation and Analysis of the Calluna Hill Site (Site 59-73): A six household Pequot village attacked and burned by the English on May 26, 1637.
  • The Block Island Archaeology and Ethnohistory Project: Survey, excavation, and analysis of pre-Contact and early Historic Period Indigenous (Mannissean) settlements in the context of maritime adaptations and trade and exchange with Europeans

Selected Publications

McBride, Kevin and with Ashley Bissonnett. (2023) Battle of Great Falls/Wissantinnewag-Peskeompskut: Historical Trauma and the Legacy of King Philip’s War (1675-1677), pp: 45-69. In Conflict Archaeology, Historical Memory, and the Experience of War: Beyond the Battlefield. Eds. Mark Tveskov and Ashley Bissonnette. University of Florida Press.

McBride, Kevin. (2022) Early Seventeenth Century Trade in Southern New England. In Dutch and Indigenous Communities. in Seventeenth Century Northeastern North America, pp. 171-214, Lucianne Lavin Editor. State University of New York Press, Albany.

McBride, Kevin with Timothy Ives and Joseph Waller. (2018) Surveying Coastal Archaeological Sites Damaged by Hurricane Sandy in Rhode Island, USA. Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology, Vol. 13: pp. 66-89.

McBride, Kevin and Ashley Bissonnette. (2016) The Art of War: Early Anglo Translation, 1607-1643. In Drawdown: The American Way of Postwar, pp. 27-51. Ed. Jason Warren. New York University Press. N.Y. N.Y.

McBride, Kevin. (2007) War and Trade in Eastern New Netherland. In. A Beautiful and Fruitful Place, pp. 271-284. Margriet Lacy, Ed. Selected Rennsslaerswijck Papers, New Netherland Institute, Albany, N.Y.

Our Team

Lab Director

Graduate Students

  • Megan Willison - Cultural Entanglements: Analysis of Trade Goods From Pequot War Era Occupations
  • Kevin Chesler - GIS Analysis and Spatial Distributions of English and Native Material Culture From the Hollister Site (1650-1700)
  • Brianna Zoto - Terminal Archaic Settlement and Subsistence Systems
  • Stephanie Scialo - Paleo-Indian, Lithics
  • Quinn Harper - Seventeenth Century Anglo-Native Relations
  • Emma Wink - Native ceramic analysis

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