Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Anthropology pair coursework with hands-on experiences, including research, field training, travel, and mentorship with peers and professors.

About the Major

The anthropology major offers a broad academic perspective, providing students with strong writing, critical thinking, and social analysis skills. Many students customize their experience by pairing their anthropology degree with a second major or minor. As a result, our students develop a foundation that prepares them to pursue a variety of careers and graduate study.

Major Requirements

Students must take the following major courses:

  1. ANTH 1000 or 1006 or 1500.
  2. ANTH 2000, 2501, and 2502.
  3. At least one course in an ethnographic area.
  4. At least one information literacy course.
  5. At least nine additional anthropology credits at the 2000 level or above. No more than one ethnographic area course can be applied toward this requirement. No more than six credits from the following courses can be counted toward this requirement: ANTH 3081, 3090, 3093, 3096, 3099.
  6. A minimum of 12 credits of related courses at the 2000 level or above, which must be approved by the major advisor.

To satisfy the writing in the major competency, one of the courses above must be a ANTH W course at the 2000 level or above. Students must complete at least 24 of the 2000-level or above anthropology credits with an average GPA of 2.0 or higher.

For a full list of courses and major requirements, please visit the Undergraduate Catalog.


Anthropology majors are expected to meet with their advisors each semester before registering for classes. After this meeting, the advising hold on registration will be lifted by your advisor.

Please fill out the Anthropology Major Plan of Study prior to your first meeting with your major advisor. Please note that related courses must be approved by your anthropology advisor.

Double Majors, Additional Degrees, and Minors

Students can enrich their college experience by adding a double major, an additional degree, and/or a minor.

A double major allows students to complete majors in two different departments or plans in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS). An additional degree allows students to complete majors in two different schools or colleges.

A growing number of pre-medical students pursuing biological sciences; molecular and cell biology; and physiology and neurobiology also add anthropology to their degree program. By gaining a broad training in anthropology with a concentration within medical anthropology, pre-med students are able to broaden their skills and bring a heightened sensitivity of the complexities of practicing medicine to medical school interviews and the workplace.

Students interested in adding anthropology as a double major, an additional degree, or a minor can meet with an advisor to discuss the major, requirements, and timeline for graduation.

Students interested in a major or minor outside of the Department of Anthropology should meet with that department to get a full understanding of the requirements and timeline for graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Double-majoring sounds hard. Is it easy to double major in anthropology?

Adding a second major is a lot easier than many students think. By adding anthropology as a second major, you can double-dip many of your courses! Our major requires 24 credits at the 2000 level or above, and many of our courses satisfy General Education requirements as well. In addition, we accept a wide range of related courses from outside of anthropology, and anthropology courses satisfy the related requirement for many other majors.

My primary major is not in CLAS. Can I still double major?

Only students majoring within CLAS can double major.

If your primary major is outside of CLAS (in the e.g., School of Business; School of Nursing; College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources), you have the option to pursue a dual degree, where you earn two degrees instead of one. For the dual degree option, many of the general education requirements double-dip, but you need to earn 138 credits in total instead of 120 for a single degree.

How do I declare a double major or additional degree in anthropology?

To declare a double major, please complete a Double Major Declaration Form and follow the instructions on the CLAS Academic Services Center website.

An additional degree allows students to complete majors in two different schools or colleges. To declare a dual degree, please acquire an Additional Degree Petition Form from the Registrar's Office and follow the instructions on the CLAS Academic Services Center website.

Common Double Majors

Given that it provides a broad foundation in the human experience, anthropology pairs well with many majors in CLAS, including:

  • Cognitive science
  • Ecology and evolutionary biology
  • Economics
  • Environmental studies
  • Geography
  • History
  • Human development and family sciences
  • Human rights
  • Languages
  • Political science
  • Psychological sciences
  • Women’s, gender, and sexuality studies

Declare Your Major

Students can declare a major or change their major using the Online Program Change website.

Contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies

For more information about the anthropology major, please contact:

Dimitris Xygalatas