Anthropological Genomics Lab

About the Lab

The Anthropological Genomics Lab at UConn bridges the fields of anthropological genetics and critical biocultural anthropology. Our research integrates human population genomics and ancient DNA (aDNA) studies with archaeology; ethnohistory; Indigenous and community knowledge; bioethics; biocultural anthropology; and critical perspectives from the social sciences and humanities.


Our lab includes two state-of-the-art facilities that opened in 2021. The Ancient DNA (aDNA) Laboratory is a restricted access ISO Class 6/7 cleanroom facility that provides separate spaces for gowning/storage, sample preparation, DNA extractions, and DNA library preparation/PCR set-up. The lab is equipped with overhead germicidal ultraviolet lights, positive pressured HEPA-filtered air, two biosafety cabinets, a PCR set-up enclosure, and all lab equipment necessary for paleogenomic research.

The Modern DNA/Post-PCR Lab is a BSL2 facility that is fully equipped for molecular genetics research, including two thermocyclers, a QuantStudio 3 Real-Time PCR system, and a Qubit 3 Fluorometer. Bioinformatic infrastructure includes a 20-core CPU Mac Studio and access to UConn’s remote server, Xanadu.

Three researchers in Tyvek bodysuits stand in the entrance of the Anthropological Genomics Lab.

Selected Publications

Balentine CM, Alfonso-Durruty M, Reynolds AW, Vilar M, Morello F, San Román M, Springs LC, Smith RWA, Archer SM, Mata-Míguez J, Wing N, Bolnick DA. 2022. Evaluating population histories in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, Chile, using ancient mitochondrial and Y-chromosomal DNA. American Journal of Biological Anthropology 180:144-161.

Reynolds AW, Mata-Míguez J, Miró-Herrans A, Briggs-Cloud M, Sylestine A, Barajas-Olmos FM, García-Ortíz H, Rzhetskaya M, Orozco LS, Raff JA, Hayes MG, Bolnick DA. 2019. Comparing signals of natural selection between three Indigenous North American populations. Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences USA 116:9312-9317.

Bolnick DA, Raff JA, Springs LC, Reynolds AW, Miró-Herrans AT. 2016. Native American genomics and population histories. Annual Review of Anthropology 45:319-340.

Our Team

Lab Director

Graduate Students

Samantha Archer
Urvi Kaul
Karoline Pereira

Postdoctoral Fellow

Affiliated Faculty

Raquel Fleskes

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Address: Beach Hall, Rooms 305 and 345
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