Graduate Courses on Human Rights

Graduate courses on human rights are offered in several programs, including School of Social Work, Law School, Political Science, Economics, and Sociology. For a more comprehensive list of human rights courses, please visit Course Catalog of the Human Rights Institute.

Courses on the anthropology of human rights are listed below. Please note that not all courses will be taught every semester or on a regular basis. For more updated information about course schedules, you may contact one of our Human Rights faculty members, or Andrea Booth, our department administrator, (

  • ANTH 5305: Dignity and Health.
  • ANTH 5305: Health and Human Rights.
  • ANTH 5315: Gender and Culture.
  • ANTH 5316: Globalization and Transnational Anthropology.
  • ANTH 5377: Global Health and Anthropology.
  • ANTH 5377: International Health.
  • ANTH 5390: Cultural Rights.
  • ANTH 5391: Human Rights in a Diverse World.
  • HRTS 5301: Contemporary Debates in Human Rights. (Syllabus)