Graduate Student Spotlight: Megan Alexander

The UConn Department of Anthropology is home to a diverse community of graduate students studying a variety of subfields. Continue reading to learn more about their favorite parts of their research, why they became interested in anthropology, and fun facts about them!

Megan Alexander

Megan Alexander

Entry into program: 2016


What sparked your interest in Anthropology/Archaeology?
My original interest in anthropology was sparked by my deep love of museums! I wanted to pursue degrees that would lead to becoming a curator. I took history and art history courses along with anthropology. However, after graduation my interests shifted, and when I ultimately decided to return to school for my graduate degree I had a renewed interest in anthropology that led me down my current medical anthropology path.
What are your research interests?
My research interests include death and dying, end-of-life, care and caregiving, biomedicine, and alternative forms of care.
Where will you/are you conducting your fieldwork?
My research focus is in the United States. My fieldwork is a bit less traditional, being conducted mostly online, but still uses tried and true anthropological methods.
What do you find most interesting about your field work location?
The most interesting thing about my fieldwork “location” is the enthusiasm and interest of people to participate despite the fact we may never meet in person.
What is your most memorable experience thus far in the field?
I just started data collection, so I’ll have to revisit this question once I’ve had more time in the “field.”
What do you do in your “downtime?” Tell us something interesting about yourself!
In my down time I cook with my sister and take care of a large (currently winter) garden with my husband. We don’t harvest as much in the winter, but it’s still fun to see the radishes and lettuce mature despite the cold!