Graduate Student Spotlight: Sara Ailshire

The UConn Department of Anthropology is home to a diverse community of graduate students studying a variety of subfields. Continue reading to learn more about their favorite parts of their research, why they became interested in anthropology, and fun facts about them!

Sara Ailshire

Sara Ailshire

Entry into program: 2013


What sparked your interest in Anthropology/Archaeology?
In undergrad I took medical anthropology as an elective to fulfill a graduation requirement. After a few weeks in the class I found I liked it so much I ended up changing my major to anthropology.
What are your research interests?
Critical medical anthropology, childbirth, reproduction, human rights, legal anthropology.
Where will you/are you conducting your fieldwork?
Delhi, Kochi, and Jaipur, India.
What do you find most interesting about your field work location?
It would be hard to pick just one thing I find the most interesting about where I do research!
What is your most memorable experience thus far in the field?
When I lived in Jaipur a group of macaques broke into my apartment, got into my fridge, and made a huge mess. They must love butter because they smeared it all over my kitchen floor.
What do you do in your “downtime?” Tell us something interesting about yourself!
I like to knit, cook, garden, and I’m learning how to quilt. I also am really involved in our graduate employee union.