Richard Sosis

James Barnett Professor of Humanistic Anthropology Ph.D. New Mexico, 1997


My work has focused on the evolution of religion and cooperation, with particular interests in ritual, magic, religious cognition, and the dynamics of religious systems. To explore these issues, I have conducted fieldwork with remote cooperative fishers in the Federated States of Micronesia and with various communities throughout Israel. I am co-founder and co-editor of the journal Religion, Brain & Behavior, which publishes research on the biological study of religion, and Religion Editor of the online magazine This View of Life.

Research Interests

human behavioral ecology, collective action problems, evolution of cooperation, signaling theory, foraging theory, life history theory, complex adaptive systems, evolution of religion, ritual, magic, anthropology of sport, utopian societies, Micronesia, Israel, Middle East


Anthropology of Jewish Cultures
Anthropology of Sport and Games
Human Behavioral Ecology
Construction of Social Reality
Culture and Religion
Religious Pluralism
Understanding Religious Experience

Selected publications

Kiper, Jordan and Richard Sosis Moral intuitions and the religious system: an adaptationist account. Philosophy, Theology,  and Science 1:172-199.
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Purzycki, Benjamin and Richard Sosis The extended religious phenotype and the adaptive coupling of ritual and belief. Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution 59:99-108.
Purzycki, Benjamin, Daniel Finkel, John Shaver, Nathan Wales, Adam B. Cohen, and Richard Sosis What does God Know? Supernatural Agents’ Perceived Access to Socially Strategic and Nonstrategic Information. Cognitive Science 36:846-869.
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Richard Sosis
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