Pamela Erickson




Ph.D., 1993, Buffalo, Dr. P.H., UCLA


Dr. Erickson’s areas of expertise include medical anthropology, ethnomedicine, maternal and child health, global health, and ethnographic research methods. Her research focuses on sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and emerging adults, sexual cultures, and reproduction and fitness aspects of warfare. She has conducted fieldwork with Latina teen mothers in East Los Angeles, with adolescents and young adults in the Philippines, with African American and Puerto Rican emerging adults in Hartford, and with the Waorani in Amazonian Ecuador.

Area focus

Ecuador, United States


  • ANTH 1006. Introduction to Anthropology
  • ANTH 3004. Cultural Research
  • ANTH 3202W. Illness and Curing
  • ANTH 3300. Medical Anthropology
  • ANTH 5321. Qualitative Research Methods
  • ANTH 5376. Ethnomedicine
  • ANTH 5377. Global Health and Anthropology

Selected publications


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Pamela Erickson
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