Geoffrey Hedges-Knyrim

Program Entrance



Alexia Smith

Research Interests

Archaeobotany, subsistence reconstruction, political ecology, Bronze and Iron Age Archaeology, Southwest Asia, Southern Levant


What sparked your interest in Anthropology/Archaeology?

Growing up I always was interested in history and science, and archaeology is the perfect mix of the two — attempting to understand the past through the scientific method.

Where are you/will you be conducting your research/fieldwork?

My fieldwork is conducted in the southern Levant, roughly modern Jordan, Israel, and Palestine. Specifically my research focuses on two contrasting sites, Khirbat al-Balu’a in semi-arid west-central Jordan and Tel Abel Beth Maacah in mediterranean northern Israel.

What do you find most interesting about your field work/research location?

I find the variety of environments and therefore lifeways in the southern Levant interesting, which makes it interesting to look at as a whole region within any time period, not just the Iron Age.

Geoffrey Hedges-Knyrim
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