Eleanor Ouimet

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Boston, 2009


My research and teaching are focused on human-environment interactions, including community-based conservation, environmental justice, disaster preparedness, community response to natural hazards, green energy, and the effects of climate change. My recent journal publications address pedagogical approaches to teaching climate change, the health effects of climate change, anthropological approaches to the study of environmental repair, the influence of anthropocentrism in the social sciences, and facilitating cooperative efforts between social scientists, natural scientists, engineers, and local communities. I am the PI of the DISASTER (Designing Interdisciplinary Science And Strategies To Enhance Resilience) Research team as well as the Microaggression Research team at UConn. I have co-authored Culture and Conservation: Beyond Anthropocentrism, as well as four edited volumes, including: The Routledge Handbook of Environmental Anthropology, Sustainability: Key Issues; Environmental Anthropology: Future Directions; and Environmental Anthropology Today. Here at UConn, I teach ANTH 1010E ‘Climate Change and Global Society’, ANTH 3340E ‘Culture and Conservation,’ and ANTH 5317: ‘Environmental Anthropology.’

Field area

United States



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Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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