Dimitris Xygalatas

Associate Professor Ph.D. Queen’s U. Belfast, 2007


Dr. Xygalatas interests include ritual, sports, cooperation, the interaction between cognition and culture, and the impact of cultural practices on psychophysiological wellbeing. His research combines laboratory and field methods to study human interaction in real-life settings. He has conducted several years of fieldwork in Southern Europe and Mauritius. Before coming to UConn, he held positions at the universities of Princeton, Aarhus, and Masaryk, where he served as Director of the Laboratory for the Experimental Research of Religion (LEVYNA). At UConn, he directs the Experimental Anthropology Lab, which develops methods and technologies for quantifying behavior in real-life settings. He is affiliated with the Cognitive Science Program, the Connecticut Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences, the Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention, and Policy.

Area focus

Mauritius, Southern Europe


ANTH 1000 – Other People’s Worlds
ANTH 3405 – Religion and Mind
ANTH 3250 – Cognitive Anthropology
ANTH 5305 – Experimental Anthropology
ANTH 5305 – Cognitive Science of Religion
ANTH 5333 – Evolution and Cognition
ANTH 5341 – Analysis of Rituals

Selected publications:

2013. With William McCorkle (eds.), Mental Culture: Classical Social theory and the Cognitive Science of Religion, London: Acumen.

2012. The Burning Saints: Cognition and Culture in the Fire-walking Rituals of the Anastenaria, London: Acumen.


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Xygalatas, D. 2011. Ethnography, Historiography, and the Making of History in the Tradition of the Anastenaria, History and Anthropology 22 (1): 57-74.

Dimitris Xygalatas
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