Alexia Smith

Associate Professor



Ph.D., 2005, Boston University


My research examines the long-term dynamics of food production, climate changes, and social organization, spanning the transition from hunting-and-gathering to agriculture (Epipalaeolithic to Neolithic), the development of early social complexity (Ubaid and Chalcolithic periods), and cycles of urbanism and collapse (Bronze and Iron Ages) across Southwest Asia. In additional to traditional archaeobotanical approaches, I examine archaeologies of food, wine, and fuel, and novel ways to study flotation residues and legacy collections that integrate archaeobotany with geoarchaeological approaches, including dung spherulite analysis. I am also interested in issues relating to contemporary food security and sovereignty.

Research Interests

Archaeobotany; Long-term dynamics of agriculture, climate change, and social stability; sustainable agriculture; food equity; archaeology of Southwest Asia; archaeology of food and bread; Research spans: Epipalaeolithic, Neolithic, Ubaid, Chalcolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age of Syria, Turkey, and Armenia



  • ANTH 1000. Peoples and Cultures of the World
  • ANTH 1500. Great Discoveries in Archaeology
  • ANTH 2600. Microscopy in Applied Archaeobotany Research (Honors core course, lab)
  • ANTH 3522W. Ecological Anthropology Writing Seminar
  • ANTH 3706. Archaeobotany
  • ANTH 3515. Ancient Civilizations of the Old World


  • ANTH 5305. Anthracology
  • ANTH 5500. Professional Development in Anthropology
  • ANTH 5515. Ancient Civilizations of the Old World
  • ANTH 5522. Ecological Anthropology
  • ANTH 5706. Archaeobotany
  • ANTH 5707. Quantitative Archaeobotany
  • ANTH 5708. Plants and People through the Ages


  • Faculty affiliate, UConn Institute of the Environment
  • Faculty coordinator for anthropology, UConn Early College Experience


Peer-reviewed journal articles

Webster, Lyndell, Alexia Smith, Mike Dee, Itka Hajdas, and Glenn M. Schwartz. (in press) “Towards a Radiocarbon-based Chronology of Urban Northern Mesopotamia in the Early to Mid-Second Millennium BC: Initial Results from Kurd Qaburstan.” Radiocarbon
Glenn M. Schwartz, Andrew T. Creekmore III, Alexia Smith, Jill A. Weber, and Lyndelle Webster (2022) “Kurd Qaburstan on the Erbil Plain: Field Research 2016–2017,” Iraq 84: 189–230.

Smith, Alexia, Amy Oechsner, Peter Rowley-Conwy, and Andrew M. T. Moore (2022) “Epipalaeolithic animal tending to Neolithic herding at Abu Hureyra, Syria (12,800–7,800 calBP): Deciphering dung spherulites. PLoS ONE 17(9): e0272947. (open access)

Richards, Stephen M. Leiting Li, James Breen, Nelli Hovhannisyan, Oscar Estrada, Boris Gasparyan, Matthew Gilliham, Alexia Smith, Alan Cooper, and Heng Zhang (2022) “Recovery of chloroplast genomes from medieval millet grains excavated from the Areni 1 cave in southern Armenia,” Scientific Reports 12:15164.

Proctor, Lucas, Alexia Smith, and Gil J. Stein (2022) “Archaeobotanical and dung spherulite evidence for Ubaid and Late Chalcolithic fuel, farming, and feasting at Surezha, Iraqi Kurdistan,” Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 43: 103449.

Von Baeyer, Madelynn, Alexia Smith, and Sharon R. Steadman (2021) “Expanding the plain: using archaeobotany to examine adaptation to the 5.2 kya climate change event during the Anatolian Late Chalcolithic at Çadır Höyük,” Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 36: 102806. (Open Access)

Hovhannisyan, Nelli, Marina Dallakyan, Syuzanna Esoyan, Boris Gasparyan, and Alexia Smith (2020) “Genetic Diversity and Traditional Uses of Aboriginal Grape Varieties from the Main Viticultural Regions of Armenia,” Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 67: 999–1024.

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Smith, Alexia, Lucas Proctor, Thomas Hart, and Gil Stein (2019) “The Burning Issue of Dung in Archaeobotanical Samples: A Case-Study integrating Macro-botanical, Dung Spherulites, and Phytoliths to assess Sample Origin and Fuel Use at Tell Zeidan, Syria,” Vegetation History and Archaeobotany. 28 (3): 229–246. https :// 4-018-0692-9 (Open Access)

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Book chapters (peer-reviewed where noted)

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Book Reviews and Newsletter Reports

Smith, Alexia (June 2021) Review of “Engineering Plants for Agriculture. A Subject Collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology. Edited by Pamela C. Ronald. Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. 2019,” The Quarterly Review of Biology 96: 138–139.

Smith, Alexia (2015) Review of “Development of the Environment, Subsistence and Settlement of the City of Urkeš and its Region, by Katleen Deckers, Monka Doll, Peter Pfälzner, and Simone Riehl, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz,” Bibliotheca Orientalis 71 (5–6): 841–845.

Gabrielyan, Ivan and Alexia Smith (2012–2013) “Establishing a Botanical Reference Collection for Archaeobotanical Studies in Armenia,” American Research Institute of the Southern Caucasus Member Newsletter 4 (2012–2013): 10–11.

Smith, Alexia (2005) “Review of Environmental Archaeology and the Social Order by John G. Evans,” Journal of Field Archaeology 30(1): 110–114.


  • University of Connecticut, Honors Faculty Member of the Year Award (2021–2022)
  • University of Connecticut, Humanities Institute Faculty Residential Fellowship (2010–2011)
  • Fulbright Fellowship, Boston University, Boston, MA (1997–1998)
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