UConn Anthropology Graduates by Year


  • Olivia Marcus: Ayahuasca Therapies: The Making and Remaking of Traditional Healing in Global Context



  • Madelynn von Baeyer: Seeds of Complexity: An Archaeobotanical Study of Incipient Social Complexity at Late Chalcolithic Çadır Höyük, Turkey
  • Jordan Kiper: Propaganda and Mass Violence in the Yugoslav Wars: A Post-Conflict Ethnography



  • Bill Farley: Pequot Cultural Entanglement in 17th-Century Connecticut
  • Ronnie Shepard: Soaking in Manhood: (Re)Negotiating Masculinities and Sexualities in the Spas of Quito, Ecuador
  • Zachary Singer: The Paleoindian Occupation of Southern New England: Evaluating Sub-Regional Variation in Paleoindian Lifeways in the New England-Maritimes Region.
  • Jackie Meier: Tracing economic, ritual, and social pathways to Neolithization in the southern Levant through human-animal relationships at Kfar HaHoresh.
  • Jennifer Cook: Legal permanent migration, strategic il/legalization, and intergenerational social mobility in a transnational migrant network.



  • Melissa Kerr Chiovenda: Cultural Trauma, History Making, and the Politics of Ethnic Identity among Afghan Hazaras
  • David Leslie: Stable Isotopic Evidence for Landscape Environmental Reconstructions, Kapthurin Formation, Kenya.
  • Richard Colon: Fraternal Force: A Cultural Intervention to Alter the Way Fraternities Communicate and Conceptualize Sexual Violence.
  • Catherine Buerger: Claiming the State: The Impact of Human Rights Education and Legal Mobilization on Ghanaian Political Subjectivity.
  • Sylvia Jalil-Gutierrez: Health Care Experiences of the Uninsured at the Dawn of the 21st Century.
  • Shir Lerman: ‘Un Pueblo tan Dulce’: Diabetes, Depression, and Obesity Syndemics in Puerto Rico.



  • Marie Brault: Married Young Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health in Low-Income Communities in Mumbai, India.
  • Nicholas Blegen: The Middle Stone Age on the Margins: Chronological and archaeological contexts for hominin behavioral evolution in the Middle and Late Pleistocene of East Africa.
  • Jamie Grant: Geomorphology of the Connecticut River, as a Spatial-Temporal Context for Understanding Pre-contact Settlement Patterns.
  • Martin Gabriel Hrynick: Wabanaki Architecture in Historical and Archaeological Context
  • Rebecca Nelson: Giving Ideas, Taking Photos: Volunteer Tourism and Cultural Production in a Guatemalan Women’s Weaving Cooperative.
  • Rita Offiaeli: When the Kola nut (Cola acuminata) Meets The Electric Slide: Constructing Transnationalisms.
  • Dianne M. Schindler: Transgender Kinship: Transforming Family.



  • Robert Allen Booth: Museums at the Margins of Europe: Slovenian Museums as Sites of Identity Apprehension.
    • Cyndi Frank: HIV Infection: Solitary Work, Silent Suffering: Beliefs about Responsibility for Health and the Ability to Impact Disease Progression.
    • Philip Jacob Glauberman: Middle Palaeolithic Regional Land-Use and Behavior in Dutch and Belgian Limburg: Integrating Data from Upland Open-Air Sites.
    • Ruthanne Marcus: Women’s Discourse on the Homeless Experience: It’s About Love and Loss.
    • Tiziana Matarazzo: Micromorphological Analysis of Activity Areas at the Early Bronze Age (EBA) Village of T.A.V. Afragola in Southern Italy.
    • Bayla Ostrach: In the Wake of Policy Change: Women’s Experiences with Obstacles to Care Following Implementation of Publicly Funded Abortion in Catalunya.



  • Marisa L. Prosser: Cultural Identity in Costa Rica: Implications for the Well- being of Nicaraguan Immigrants.
    • Katharine Brooks Richards: International Trials, Rule of Law and Local Legal Consciousness in Croatia: Can International Justice Transform Local Norms?



  • Nicola Bulled: (Re) distribution of blame: Politics of HIV knowledge among youth in Lesotho.
    • Anna Marie Nicolaysen: Empowering Small Farmers in India through Organic Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation.
    • Benjamin Grant Purzycki: Finding Minds in the Natural World: Dynamics of the Religious System in the Tyva Republic
    • John H. Shaver: The Behavioral Ecology of Fijian Religion.
    • Nathan Wales: Ancient DNA from Archaeobotanical Remains: The Next



  • Traci H. Abraham: Struggling Toward al-Andalus: An Exploration of Attitudes in Andalusia Toward Immigration from Morocco.
    • Shan-Estelle Brown: Cultural Models of Genetic Screening and Perceptions of Sickle Cell Disease in High-Risk Guadeloupean French Communities.
    • Philip J. Graham: Ubaid Agriculture at Kenan Tepe, Southeastern Turkey.
    • Sarah Patricia Sportman: Halcyon Days: The Historical Archaeology of
    Community and Identity at Hammondville, New York, 1870-1900.


  • Ann M. Cheney: The Contours of Womanhood: Living with “Eating Disorders” in Southern Italy.
    • Rebecca Beebe: Cultural Normalization of Violence among a Detention Population.
    • Asha Cat Srinivasan Shipman: Mate Selection in Modern India.
    • Susan DiVietro: “Sanctions and Sanctuary” Revisited: Domestic Violence and
    Cultural Models of Intervention.
    • Kateryna Maltseva: Values and Norms of Prosocial Behavior in Modern Sweden.



  • Elaine M. Bennett: Understanding Childhood Malnutrition in a Maya Village in Guatemala: A Syndemic Perspective.
    • Blaire Ort Gagnon: Powwow Arts and Crafts Markets and the Engendering of Social Relationships.
    • Jason Richard Mancini: Beyond Reservation: Indian Survivance in Southern New England and Eastern Long Island, 1713-1861.
    • Lara Louise Watkins: Beyond Ethnicity as Risk Factor: Biocultural Context and Correlates of Type 2 Diabetes in a Cambodian American Community.



  • Akeia A. Benard: The Free African American Cultural Landscape at Newport, RI, 1774-1826.



  • James Cedric Woods: Contemporary Native American tribes of southern New England: the Mashantucket Pequot of Connecticut and the Mashpee Wampanoag of Massachusetts.



  • Candace Storey Alcorta: Youth, Religion, and Resilience.