Honors Degree

The Honors Degree in Anthropology enables honors students to gain a more in depth anthropological experience through engagement in a hands on research project.

To obtain an honors degree in Anthropology, the following requirements must be met in addition to those laid out by the honors program:
1. Take 12 approved honors credits in anthropology
a. Three of these credits could be from another department if the subject matter is closely related to the subject of the honors thesis and it is approved by the honors advisor.
b. Six of these credits should be obtained through two three credit independent study classes (ANTH 3099) with the thesis advisor. The first independent study is intended to complete background research and or data collection for the thesis and the second should be used for thesis writing. Independent studies must be converted to obtain honors credit.
c. The remaining six credits can be satisfied using any upper division anthropology course. These may include designated honors courses, honors conversions or graduate level courses.

Honors Program Graduation Requirements

Honors Credits
(At least 15 Honors credits required)

Honors in the Major (at least 12 Honors credits are required as follows):
• 2000-level or above
• At least 3 credits toward supervised Honors thesis/project;
• Earned in the major or related as approved by the departmental Honors advisor;
• Completion of additional or specific departmental Honors requirements, if applicable.
• Credits used toward Sophomore Honors may not overlap with the Honors in the Major requirements.

Three (3) additional Honors credits earned at any level.
• These three additional Honors credits may have been used toward Sophomore Honors.

Honors Breadth and Depth
(May be taken within above 15 Honors credits)
• Completion of at least 3 Honors credits (of the 15) in an Honors “course”:
–May not be an Honors conversion, independent study work, or the Honors thesis
–May be a graduate course
• Honors credits must be taken in at least two subject areas as indicated by course subject code (i.e. HIST, ENGL, PNB, etc.) with at least three credits in two subject areas

GPA and Grade Requirements
• Courses must be graded (no P/F and no S/U) with a B- or above to be eligible for Honors credits
• Earn a cumulative degree GPA of at least a 3.40
• Meet the departmental Honors GPA requirement (in the major or overall), if applicable

Thesis Submission
• Submit a hard copy of your approved Honors thesis with a signed approval form to the Honors Program office.
• An electronic submission to Digital Commons is highly recommended, but not a requirement.

If you have any questions about the honors degree, please contact Dr. Alexia Smith, Director of Undergraduate Studies.