About Undergraduate Program

Why Anthropology?

Demand for anthropologists is currently on the rise in a wide range of careers. Anthropology teaches critical thinking and provides holistic knowledge which are of growing importance in today’s increasingly global work place. Anthropology majors gain valuable comparative insights into our own and other cultures and societies that may profitably be applied to a wide variety of careers as diverse as the medical fields to education and business. In particular, an anthropology major provides valuable, broad-based preparation for those considering careers in social work, community development, or international relations. Cultural anthropologists are often hired by NGOs, government agencies, consulting firms and planning teams while archaeologists find employment with local, state and federal agencies, museums and cultural resource management companies. They and other types of anthropologists have become essential members of planning teams; some have become professional consultants. For more career development opportunities please visit UCONN Center for Career.

It’s a great time to become an anthropologist! Check out AAA website about careers in anthropology.