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A recent discovery by UConn Anthro covered by UCONN Today

UCONN Today covered a recent finding of a 12,000 years old stone tool in Mashantucket Pequot Reservation by UConn faculty and graduate students.

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Piecing Together a 12,000 Year-old Way of Life

About 12,000 years ago, when ice sheets in the Northern Hemisphere had almost finished melting and the last ice age was coming to an end, a group of Paleoindians camped along the edges of what today is the Great Cedar Swamp at the center of the Mashantucket Pequot Reservation. Expert flint knappers or makers of stone tools, these early New Englanders left a treasure trove of history buried in the ground. Hundreds of their artifacts have recently been uncovered through archaeological excavation, a joint venture of the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center and the University of Connecticut….