2017 Armenian Harvest Festival Celebrates Armenian Cultural Heritage

2017_Armenian_festivalThe Norian Armenian Programs at UCONN presents the 2017 Armenian Fall Harvest Festival. The festivities this year will be held on Saturday, September 23 between 12pm and 6pm at the Nathan Hale Inn. The Festival this year will feature a lecture on film making and Armenian cinema by Arsen Bagdasaryan, the Film Commissioner of Armenia at 3pm followed by reception. Other activities include a concert of traditional Armenian music by the Huyser Music Ensemble, as well as two workshops on The Art of Rug Weaving by Hayk Oltaci, and The Making of Armenian String Cheese, by Maggie Stepanian.

This event open to all members of the UCONN community, friends, and family. To RSVP, please visit

This event is sponsored by UCONN’s Norian  Armenian Programs, Global Affairs, and School of Social Work.



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Armenian Fall Harvest Festival at UCONN

The Norian Armenian Programs at UCONN presents the Armenian Fall Harvest Festival. The festivities will be held on Saturday, September 17th between 12pm and 5pm. The Festival will include a number of cultural and culinary features, including a lecture entitled “Grape Cultivation & Wine Production in Armenia” by Dr. Nelli Hovhannisyan, director of the DNA laboratory at Yerevan State University. The Anthropology Department at UCONN has a strong and ongoing tradition of archaeological research and collaboration with Armenian scholars.

To RSVP and for more detailed information about the Festival including location, please visit the Norian Armenian Programs website.


Armenian Harvest Festival

Alex Brittingham received Richard Hay Student Paper Award

Our Old World Archaeology graduate student Alex Brittingham received last week the prestigious “Richard Hay Student Paper Award” given annually for the best student presentation or poster in archaeological geology at the annual Geological Society of America Meeting. The awarded presentation was titled: “Late Pleistocene Paleoclimate Reconstruction at Lusakert Cave, Armenia.” Congratulations Alex!
Alex Brittngham