Evolution, Cognition, and Culture: Courses

Undergraduate courses

ANTH 2502. Human Evolution

ANTH 3200. Human Behavioral Ecology

ANTH 3098. Evolution and Cognition

ANTH 3098. The Power of Ritual

ANTH 3250. Cognitive Anthropology

ANTH 3405. Religion and Mind


Core graduate courses

ANTH 5305. Experimental Anthropology

ANTH 5306. Human Behavioral Ecology

ANTH 5332. Cognitive Anthropology

ANTH 5333. Evolution and Cognition

ANTH 5517. Hunter-Gatherers Past and Present

COGS 5001. Cognitive Science Proseminar


Elective graduate courses

ANTH 5305. Cognitive Science of Religion

ANTH 5311. History of Anthropological Theory

ANTH 5321. Ethnographic Methods I

ANTH 5334. Culture and Religion

ANTH 5341. Analysis of Rituals


Cognitive Science Certificate

PhD students enrolled in the ECC are expected to received the Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Science before graduating. The certificate requires a minimum of 12 credits, consisting of one required core course (COGS 5001) and three electives. Electives may include several of the ECC courses.