Siavash Samei

Graduate student Advisor: Natalie Munro

Research Interests

Zooarchaeology, behavioral ecology, evolution of pastoralism, nomadism and transhumance, herd management practices, migration and mobility, social complexity, foraging strategies, Pleistocene-Holocene transition, highland adaptations, Iran, Caucasus, Kura-Araxes cultural complex, Neolithic period

Curriculum Vitae: Samei-CV


Alizadeh,K., Samei, S., Mohammadkhani K., and R. Tykot. Craft production at Köhne Shahar, a Kura-Araxes settlement in the Iranian Azerbaijan. Antiquity. Forthcoming.

Samei, S., Munro, N., al-Nahar, M., and D. Olszewski. 2016. Differential bone Preservation and Human Foraging at the Early Epipaleolithic Site of Tor at-Tareeq (WHS1065) in the Western Highlands of Jordan. Quaternary International 396:52-61.

Munro, N.D., Kennerty, M., Meier, J.S., Samei, S., al-Nahar, M., and D.I. Olszewski. 2016. Human Hunting and Site Occupation Intensity in the Early Epipaleolithic of the Jordanian Western Highlands. Quaternary International 396:31-39.

Alizadeh, K., Eghbal, H., and S. Samei. 2015. Approaches to Social Complexity in Kura-Araxes Culture: A View from Köhne Shahar (Ravaz) in Chaldran, Iranian Azerbaijan. Paléorient 41(1): 37-54.

Siavash Samei
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