Peter Leach

Advisor: Kevin McBride


Submerged Prehistoric Archaeology, Intertidal and Wetland/Marsh Archaeology, Coastal Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, Marine and Coastal Geology, Marine Geophysics and Coring, Ground-Penetrating Radar and Terrestrial Archaeo-Geophysics, Geographic Information Systems [Data Collection, Analysis, and Modeling], Paleogeographic and Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction


I am currently a doctoral student in the University of Connecticut’s Anthropology Department. Prior to attending UCONN I was employed as Project Geoarchaeologist at John Milner Associates, Inc. where I supervised and conducted archaeological, geomorphic, GIS, and geophysical surveys for Cultural Resource Management (CRM) projects. I earned a Master of Science degree in Quaternary and Climate Studies from UMaine’s Climate Change Institute and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology with a minor in Earth Sciences from UMaine. I specialize in submerged prehistoric archaeology, terrestrial geophysical methods applied to archaeology, and geographic information systems modeling. My submerged prehistory experience includes the use of geophysics and coring in marine environments and focuses on the analysis and interpretation of seismic reflection profiles and vibracore extraction. I have conducted GPR surveys on four continents as a specialist for academic research teams and in the US and Canada I have carried out over sixty terrestrial geophysical surveys on historic and precontact archaeological sites for CRM, personal research, and volunteer projects. My extensive GIS experience ranges from mapping of field data to more complex applications like paleogeographic reconstruction and predictive modeling of prehistoric archaeological site locations. I have authored/co-authored five publications and ten refereed abstracts, presented over thirty papers and posters professional meetings, and I have authored and co-authored over forty Cultural Resource Management reports.


Doctoral Student University of Connecticut Anthropology 2013-Current
Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Kevin McBride (Anthropology)
M.Sc. University of Maine Quaternary and Climate Studies 2007
Thesis Chair: Dr. Daniel Belknap (Earth Sciences and Climate Change)
Committee Members: Dr. Brian Robinson (Anthropology and Climate Change) Dr. David Sanger (Anthropology and Climate Change)
B.A. University of Maine Anthropology 2003
Minor in Geological Sciences


2014 Rademaker, K.R., Hodgins, G., Moore, K., Zarrillo, S., Miller, C, Bromley, G.R.M., Leach, P.A., Reid, D., Alvarez, W.Y., and D. Sandweiss
Paleoindian Settlement of the High-Altitude Peruvian Andes. Science, 346(6208)

2014 Lloyd, Timothy, Peter Leach, Leslie Branch-Raymer, R. Jeannine Windham, and Daniel Welch
The Squawkie Hill Site. Northeast Anthropology, 81-82. pp 75-107.

2014 Leach, P.A., Joseph Balicki, and Kerri Holland
The Application of Magnetic Prospecting Methods on the 1863 Bivouacs of the 2nd Corps, 3rd Division, 2nd Brigade. In “That from These Honored Dead” Historical Archaeology of the American Civil War. Edited by Clarence R. Geier, Douglas D. Scott and Lawrence Babits

2010 Ribot, I., Morland, F., Boisjoli, M., and P. A. Leach
La Bioarcheologie humaine, a la frontier entre le social et le biologique, demographie, archaeologie et etat de santé de populations historiques euroquebecoises. In De L’archeologie analyique a l’archeologie sociale, Edited by Brad Loewen, Claude Chapdelaine, and Adrian Burke. Proceedings of the Recherches amerindiennes au Quebec Meeting, Montreal, Quebec.

2006 Leach, P. A., and D. F. Belknap (Peer-Reviewed)
Marine Geophysics and Vibracoring applied to Refining the search for Submerged Prehistory in Damariscotta River, Maine, USA. Reconstructing Human-Landscape Interactions. Proceedings of the Developing International Geoarchaeology Conference, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, Oct. 21- 23, 2005. Edited by Lucy Wilson, Pam Dickenson, and Jason Jeandron. Cambridge Scholar’s Press, 2006. 291 pp.


2013 – Current: Teaching Assistant
Anthropology Department, University of Connecticut
ANTH 3720/5305—Lab Methods in Archaeology and Forensic Science. 1-Credit Weekend
Module. [Course creator and instructor.]
ANTH 1000W—Other People’s Worlds (Writing Intensive) Fall 2015 [Instructor]
ANTH 1000W—Other People’s Worlds (Writing Intensive) Spring 2015 [Instructor]
ANTH 1006 – Introduction to Anthropology (Cruz) – Fall 2014 [TA]
ANTH 2501 – Introduction to Archaeology (McBride) – Fall 2013 [TA]
ANTH 1500 – Great Discoveries in Archaeology (Hartman) – Spring 2014 [TA]
2006/7 Teaching Assistant:
Plant, Soil, and Environmental Sciences Department, University of Maine
Courses: PSE 442: Pedology: The Science of Soil Morph., Genesis, and Classification
PSE 444: Field Soil Morphology and Classification Techniques
PSE 344: Soil and Water Quality: Human Impacts on the Environment
2005/6 National Science Foundation GK-12 Teaching Fellow (Under NSF Award No. 0231642)
Taught Geology Course and Flintknapping, Weekly Teaching Duties, Fall and Spring Semesters
Elementary School Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Schools: Indian Island School (Old Town, ME), Viola Rand Elementary (Bradley, ME), Bristol Consolidated School (Bristol, ME)
2005 Co-Instructor: Archaeological Field School, University of Maine, Presque Isle
2004 Instructor: Public Archaeological Field School, Damariscotta River Association 2003/4 Adjunct Instructor, May Term Class
Maine School of Science and Mathematics, Archaeological Field School for High School


2014 Summer Research Fellowship, UConn Anthropology Department 3000.00
2013/4 Teaching Assistantship, Anthropology Department, University of Connecticut
2006/7 Teaching Assistantship, Plant, Soil, and Environmental Science Department, Univ. of Maine
2005/6 National Science Foundation GK-12 Teaching Fellowship 30,000
2003/4/5 Research Assistantship, Climate Change Institute, University of Maine
2003/4/5 University of Maine Association of Graduate Students Research Grants
2002 Explorer’s Club Grant for Fish River, Maine Archaeological Survey 1200.00
2005 Best Student Oral Presentation: Developing International Geoarchaeology Conference (DIG), St. John, New Brunswick, Canada


Session Organizer and Session Chair
2015 Society for American Archaeology
Session Organizer, Chair, Presenter, Discussant
Session Title: The Geoarchaeology of Submerged, Intertidal, And Wetland Places: Advances In Method and Theory of Prehistoric Archaeology Underwater 2015 — Part 2
2012 Eastern States Archaeology Federation
Session Organizer, Chair, Presenter, Discussant
Session Title: Wetland, Intertidal, and Submerged Prehistory in Northeastern North America
2011 Society for American Archaeology
Session Co-Organizer, Co-Chair (With Dr. Michael Faught)
Session Title: Submerged Prehistoric Sites Archaeology in the Americas: Method, Theory, and Results by Academic and CRM Projects Alike
Session Roles: Co-Chair, Presenter, Discussant
2008 Society for American Archaeology
Session Chair, Presenter
Session Title: Northeast Archaeology, General Session

Peter Leach
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