Lucas Proctor

Advisor: Alexia Smith

Research Interests

Archaeobotany and anthracology, fuel use, human–plant relationships, social complexity, agriculture, agropastoralism, the Chalcolithic, Bronze, and Iron Ages of Southwest Asia, environmental and ecological change.

Research Areas

Azerbaijan, Iraq, Turkey, Syria


Lucas Proctor is an environmental archaeologist studying the social, economic, and environmental factors underlying agro-pastoral and land use practices in the early urban societies of Mesopotamia. With specializations in archaeobotany and microscopy, his current research explores farming and fuel economies during the Chalcolithic and Iron Ages of Southwest Asia through the analysis of preserved seeds and wood charcoal. Lucas’s current field projects include work on several international, collaborative excavations in Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan, and Azerbaijan. His research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the University of Connecticut.

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2018, Smith, A., L. Proctor, T. Hart, and G. Stein. The burning issue of dung in archaeobotanical samples: a case-study integrating macro-botanical remains, dung spherulites, and phytoliths to assess sample origin and fuel use at Tell Zeidan, Syria. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany: 1–18.

2017, Branting, S., J. Lehner, S. Baltalı Tırpan, S.R. Graff, J.M. Marston, T. Kalaycı, Y. Özarslan, D. Langis-Barsetti, L. Proctor, and P. Paulsen. The Kerkenes Project 2015-2016. In Steadman, S., and G. McMahon, eds., The Archaeology of Anatolia: Recent Discoveries (Volume 2). Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Pp. 154–175.

2016, Branting, S., S. Baltalı-Tırpan, J. W. Lehner, Y. Özarslan, D. Langis-Barsetti, T. Kalaycı, N. Baturayoğlu-Yöney, S. R. Graff, L. Proctor and B. Asiliskender. Kerkenes 2015. Kazı Sonuçları Toplantısı 38 Vol. 2: 179–190. Ankara: T.C. Kültür ve Turizm Bakanlığı.

2015, Matney, T., T. Greenfield, K. Köroğlu, J. MacGinnis, L. Proctor, M. Rosenzweig, and D. Wicke. Excavations at Ziyaret Tepe, Diyarbakır Province, Turkey, 2011–2014 Seasons. Anatolica 41: 125–176.

2015, Smith, A., K. Dotzel, J. Fountain, L. Proctor, M. Von Baeyer. Examining fuel use in antiquity: archaeobotanical and anthracological approaches in Southwest Asia. Ethnobiology Letters: 6(1): 192–195.

Selected Conference Presentations

2017, A. Smith, T. Hart, L. Proctor, and G. Stein. “Ubaid period agriculture and fuel use at Tell Zeidan, Syria: integrating macro-botanical, phytolith, spherulite and isotopic Data.” ASOR Annual Meeting, Boston, MA. November 18, 2017.

2017, Proctor, L. and A. Smith. “Archaeobotanical evidence for wine production/storage from a small Iron Age domestic structure at Gund-i Topzawa, Iraqi Kurdistan.” CAS Graduate Student Conference, “Alcohol and the Ancient World.” University of Pennsylvania Museum, Philadelphia, PA. February 25, 2017.

2016, Smith, A. and L. Proctor. “Bronze and Iron Age plant use in Iraqi Kurdistan: archaeobotanical results from Kurd Qaburstan and Gund-i Topzawa.” ASOR Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX. November 17, 2016.

2016, Proctor, L. “Farming the Upper Tigris Valley in Late Antiquity: archaeobotanical evidence from Ziyaret Tepe, Turkey.” ICAANE, Vienna, Austria. April 26, 2016.

2016, Proctor, L. and H. Lau. “Reconstructing land-use and agropastoral production at Middle Bronze Qızqala, Autonomous Republic of Naxçıvan, Azerbaijan.” SAA Annual Meeting, Orlando, Fl.  April 7, 2016.

2014, Proctor, L. “A preliminary analysis of Late Antique archaeobotanical remains from Ziyaret Tepe, southeastern Turkey,” Poster presentation. ASOR Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA.

Lucas Proctor
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