Haile Eshe Cole

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Texas, 2014


Broadly, my scholarly interests include Black feminisms, community-engaged/social justice research methodology, motherhood, and health disparities. Over the years, I have conducted research on women’s mass incarceration and motherhood in both Texas and New York.  Funded by the National Science Foundation, my most recent research project considered how rates of maternal and infant mortality are impacted by ongoing processes of racism and structural inequality. Considering the egregious health outcomes for Black women, growing research examines the role of chronic stress caused by experiences of ongoing racism over the life course as a primary cause for these negative maternal and infant health disparities. My research addressed the ways in which geo-political processes such as segregation, institutions, policy, and community organizing have larger impacts on the reproductive health and well-being of black women in the United States.  The research builds upon applied public health experience and years of community organizing and reproductive justice work in Austin, Texas and nationally. This body of work also serves as the basis for my current book project tentatively titled Belly: Topographies of Black Reproduction.

Keywords: health, race, motherhood

Contact Information
Phone+1 860 486 2137