Human Rights Students and Alumni

Catherine BuergerCatherine Buerger
PhD 2016; Claiming the State: The Impact of Human Rights Education and Legal Mobilization on Ghanaian Political Subjectivity
Postdoctoral Fellow; Global Affairs, University of Connecticut

Rebecca JacobsRebecca Nelson
PhD 2015; Giving Ideas, Taking Photos: Volunteer Tourism and Cultural Production in a Guatemalan Women’s Weaving Cooperative
Executive Director; América Solidaria U.S.

UConn Oak LeafRita Offiaeli
PhD 2015; When the Kola nut (Cola acuminata) Meets The Electric Slide: Constructing Transnationalisms

Robert Booth
PhD 2014; Museums at the Margins of Europe: Slovenian Museums as Sites of Identity Apprehension
Adjunct Professor; Department of Anthropology, University of Connecticut

Graduate Students

List of People
UConn Oak LeafVivian
Michelle San PedroMichelle San