Graduate Student Peer Mentor

Below is a list of graduate student peer mentors. If you are a prospective student, feel free to contact anyone in the list below for any questions you may have about the program, life in Connecticut, or anything pertaining to graduate life here at UConn.

Peer Mentor Email Research Interests Advisor
Mary Bugbee Intersections of medical and economic anthropology, health policy, bureaucracy, technocracy, financialization, neoliberalism/neoliberalization and governmentality, critical political economy, de/coloniality, United States and Mexico (and Latin America more broadly) César Abadía-Barrero
Geoffrey Hedges-Knyrim Archaeology, archaeobotany, Bronze and Iron Ages, Southern Levant Alexia Smith
Johan Jarl International student, botany, paleolithic, Old World, phytoliths Alexia Smith
Tanner Kovach Paleolithic archaeology, Middle to Upper Paleolithic transition, Neanderthal and modern human behavior, lithic technology Daniel Adler
Corrin Laposki Ancient microbiomes, respiratory disease, Levantine Neolithic, game theory, agriculture, stable isotopes Gideon Hartman
Roxie Lebenzon Zooarchaeology, geometric morphometrics, 3D analysis, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, behavioral ecology Natalie Munro
Christopher Manoharan Religion, mysticism, cognition, research methods, ritual, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism Dimitris Xygalatas
Ashley McLeod Indigenous studies, decolonization, social movements, the anthropology of food and nutrition, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, human rights, feminist pedagogy Eleanor Ouimet, César Abadía-Barrero, Françoise Dussart
Kitty O’Riordan caitlin.o’ Anthropology of science; STS; Contemporary New England Indigenous peoples; public discourse; anthropology of media; Indigenous knowledge systems Francoise Dussart
Dillon Patterson Cross-cultural conservation, resource/wildlife management, subsistence, Alaska Eleanor Ouimet
Michelle San Pedro Medical anthropology, reproduction, global health, human rights, feminist pedagogy, Latin America Pam Erickson
Ashley Walters Statelessness, citizenship, belonging, NGOs, activist anthropology Samuel Martinez
Elic Weitzel Behavioral ecology, population ecology, ecosystem engineering, North American archaeology, ecology of capitalism/colonialism Natalie Munro, Rich Sosis, Kevin McBride