1. 3/4Fridays For Future Takeover: Climate Justice
  1. 3/5Film Screening: Anthropocene: The Human Epoch
  1. 3/8Anthropology Sociocultural Colloquium
  1. 3/9Critical LOOKing: A Virtual Dialogue
  1. 3/11Teale Lecture Series: The Quest For Environmental And Climate Justice
  1. 3/11Race & Community Dialogue
  1. 3/15Antiphonal Life: The Returns Of Paul Robeson
  1. 3/16Human Rights Film+Series: The Limits Of My World
  1. 3/17Ego-History? Writing History In The Age Of Neo-Liberalism
  1. 3/18Business & Human Rights Workshop Series: A Foreign Corrupt Practices Act for Human Rights
  1. 3/22Anthropology Sociocultural Colloquium
  1. 3/23Provost Distinguished Speaker: “Looking Into A Name: The Emiliana Pasca Noether Chair, And World History”
  1. 3/23Provost's Distinguished Speaker Series: Sergio Luzzatto
  1. 3/25Truth, Democracy, And Climate Change
  1. 3/26Critical LOOKing: A Virtual Dialogue