Departmental Activities and Events

In addition to our commitment to quality research and pedagogy, we are involved in other activities and events outside the classroom setting and fieldwork:


Sociocultural Colloquium
The Sociocultural Colloquium enables our faculty and graduate students, especially those with a focus on socio-cultural, medical, and experimental anthropology, to present their projects to a broad audience of interested researchers. Scholars from other departments and programs at UConn, as well as other institutions and universities are also frequently invited as guest speakers. Full list of the Spring 2021 speakers is now available. For more information about Sociocultural Seminar Series for the Department of Anthropology, please contact Dr. César Abadia-Barrero or Dr. Richard Ashby Wilson.


Anthropology Scholars Initiative
ASI is a group run by graduate students for graduate students. It fosters a supportive environment in which new graduate students can benefit from the professional experiences of other graduate students, alumni, and faculty outside the classroom setting. ASI meets on a regular basis, and each meeting focuses on a specific professional subject. For more information about ASI, please contact Olivia Marcus.


Annual Archaeology Animal Roast
Every year, usually around mid-late October, we organize an animal roast dedicated to hands-on experimental archaeology. Faculty and students often volunteer to take lead on a specific experimental project. These primarily include butchery and food preparation, grain processing and bread making, and flint knapping and stone tool use. We experiment with various food preparation techniques, as well as archery and atlatl throwing. Each year we select a different animal that we purchase from a local farm or slaughterhouse in Connecticut. The bones are collected, processed, and then added to the comparative skeletal collection in Dr. Natalie Munro‘s Laboratory of Zooarchaeology.