Deep History

The Deep History Laboratory provides a space for those interested in multidisciplinary approaches to human history, with research approaches drawing especially on archaeology, geology, geography, and ecology, often centered around questions related to the origin, dispersal, and particularly the diversification of earlier populations of Homo sapiens in eastern Africa and the Mediterranean basin.

Lab director Tryon is particularly interested in archival research, the social aspects of technology, stone tools, and chronology.  He teaches courses in Human Evolution, African Archaeology, Technology and Society, Professional Development in Anthropology, and Modern Human Origins.

Christian Tryon

Address: Beach Hall 449
354 Mansfield Road Unit 1176
Storrs, CT 06269-1176
More: Located in Beach Hall 448

Simon Katisya and Bernarnd ‘Ngeneo’ Kanyenze, then of the National Museums of Kenya and now both sadly deceased, excavating in 2006 in the Kapedo Tuffs in the Rift Valley of Kenya. Photograph by former UConn undergraduate Neil Roach.