Best Student Papers

2015 Best Undergraduate Student Paper in ANTH 3098/HRTS 3298 (The Right to Health in Latin America)

The Right to Health in Indigenous Guatemala: Prevailing Historical Structures in the Context of Health Care; by Alexander M. Lawton

2017 Best Undergraduate Student Papers in ANTH 3120 (Anthropology of Capitalism) and ANTH/HRTS 3326 (Global Health and Human Rights)

Capitalist Logics of the U.S. Prison System; by Mariah Balestracci, Evan Fritz, and Matt Talley

Commodification of Higher Education through Changing Policy in the United States; by Christopher Dahl, Lana Delasanta, Marissa Hedman, Thomas Hendrickson Jr., Sita Nyame, Matthew Przybysz

HIV/AIDS in South Africa: What are the Issues, How are they Being Addressed, and are the Implemented Programs Effective?; by Margaux Amara, Hannah Bissonnette, Lexi Edge, Jonathon Hastings, Kaitlyn Luft

Human Rights and the Environment: A Study of Fracking; by Claire Liu, Kayla Ahmed, Jai Roberson, Katy Villeda, Ray Guerrero, and Franklin Ude

Incentivizing Sustainability: Fast Fashion and Benefit Corporations; by Chance Foster, Veronika Bedard, Emily Fanzutti, Marion Mowchan, Muwaffag Ibrahim

Maternal Mortality Rate: A Comparative Analysis Between Financially and Politically Disparate Countries; by Alex Gallaer, Jen Halleck, and Jahanara Uddin

Syrian Refugee Health Problems caused by Host Country Policies; by Kelsey Richard, Hanna LeBuhn, Madeline Dee, Rachel Neff and Michaela Sargent

What is Negotiated? The Effects of Neoliberal Capitalism on Farmers; by Tristan Jones, Andre Miller, Gabriel Montoya, Corona Zhang