Best Student Papers

2020 Best Undergraduate Student Paper

Decolonize Corona: A blog created by Corona Zhang in which she reflects on a personal process of transformation as a senior enrolled in an MPH program. The beautifully written blogs deal with a range of analyses of the failures of western academia and public health and some of the areas where Corona is finding answers to imagine and construct a better world.

One Click to Your Well-Being. Website with information and resources regarding mental health for college students in Connecticut. Authors: Manuela Barker, Megan Paige, Sabrina Baez, and Kanu Caplash.

Food Access and the Right to Health. Website that presents a critical overview and models of distribution of food programs with a focus on Connecticut. Authors: Mateo Escobar, Abigail Roth, and Lily Stiffler.

HerStory. Sexual Assault of Lower Caste Women in Rural India and its Effects on Reproductive and Sexual Health. Prezi Presentation. Authors: Kathryn Kwochka, Elizabeth Wimpfheimer, Anneliese Lapides, Brianna Kinnie, Wendy Marte, and Anya Walikonis.

Imperialism War and Global Climate Refugee Crisis Authors: Suzan Naseri, Katharine Morris, Nicole Sacilowski, and Anneke Nyary Levine.

The Fight for Health Rights: The Story of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Indigenous Struggle. Informational Text for Middle Schoolers. Authors: Luke Anderson, Aubrey Peterson Hague, Yuliya Faryna, Floraine Evardo, and Mariester Jara.

Military Promise. A website that responds to the question: How does military pipeline propaganda pressure families in the poverty cycle to enlist in the military? Created by Arianna Harvey, Birgetta Johnson, Callan Lombardo, Kelly Sandgren.

Institutionalized racial capitalism drives the water and housing crisis in Flint, MI: A historical analysis. Prezi presentation By Cole Stearns, Karen Larkin, Lucia Pratto, Justin Oviedo and Irmina Chrzastek.

Hook, Line, and Sinker: How we fell- and are still falling- for social media in the age of capitalism. Podcast that analyzes the 2020 documentary “social dilemma.” Created by Misha Shahid, Stephen David, Mary Labas, Adam Jawor, Caitlin Rich, and Musa Hussain.

2019 Best Undergraduate Student Paper in ANTH 3327/HRTS 3327/ LLAS 3327 (Power and Health in Latin America and the Caribbean)

Stigma and Mental Health in Latin American Policy Reform; An Overview; by Cassandra Apuzzo and Manisha Satheesh

Feminicide in Latin America; by Paula Norato, Gabriela Ramos-King, and Alejandro Rodriguez

Hurricane Maria: The Impacts of a Category 5 Storm in the World’s Oldest Colony; by Hawolul Ibrahim, Gianna Michaelson, Natalia Rodriguez, Alexander Santiago

2017 Best Undergraduate Student Papers in ANTH 3120 (Anthropology of Capitalism) and ANTH/HRTS 3326 (Global Health and Human Rights)

Capitalist Logics of the U.S. Prison System; by Mariah Balestracci, Evan Fritz, and Matt Talley

Commodification of Higher Education through Changing Policy in the United States; by Christopher Dahl, Lana Delasanta, Marissa Hedman, Thomas Hendrickson Jr., Sita Nyame, Matthew Przybysz

HIV/AIDS in South Africa: What are the Issues, How are they Being Addressed, and are the Implemented Programs Effective?; by Margaux Amara, Hannah Bissonnette, Lexi Edge, Jonathon Hastings, Kaitlyn Luft

Human Rights and the Environment: A Study of Fracking; by Claire Liu, Kayla Ahmed, Jai Roberson, Katy Villeda, Ray Guerrero, and Franklin Ude

Incentivizing Sustainability: Fast Fashion and Benefit Corporations; by Chance Foster, Veronika Bedard, Emily Fanzutti, Marion Mowchan, Muwaffag Ibrahim

Maternal Mortality Rate: A Comparative Analysis Between Financially and Politically Disparate Countries; by Alex Gallaer, Jen Halleck, and Jahanara Uddin

Syrian Refugee Health Problems caused by Host Country Policies; by Kelsey Richard, Hanna LeBuhn, Madeline Dee, Rachel Neff and Michaela Sargent

What is Negotiated? The Effects of Neoliberal Capitalism on Farmers; by Tristan Jones, Andre Miller, Gabriel Montoya, Corona Zhang

2015 Best Undergraduate Student Paper in ANTH 3098/HRTS 3298 (The Right to Health in Latin America)

The Right to Health in Indigenous Guatemala: Prevailing Historical Structures in the Context of Health Care; by Alexander M. Lawton