Anthropology Courses

ANTH 2501: Introduction to Archaeology (Undergraduate)
The concepts, methods and practice of anthropological archaeology.

ANTH 3514: European Prehistory (Undergraduate)
An interdisciplinary survey of the archaeological, biological, cultural, and behavioral evolution of prehistoric humans and their societies across Europe and portions of western Asia.

ANTH 3521W: Seminar in Archaeology (Undergraduate)
A writing-intensive course that covers the historical development of Archaeology and theoretical debates.

ANTH 4510/5345: The Neanderthals (Undergraduate & Graduate)
Interdisciplinary understanding of the biological, cultural, technological, and behavioral evolution of Neanderthals and their societies.

ANTH 5513: Modern Human Dispersals (Undergraduate & Graduate)
Interdisciplinary understanding of the tempo and mode of modern human dispersals, particularly within Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Pacific, and the Americas.

ANTH 5517: Hunter-Gatherers Past and Present (Graduate)
Investigation of recent and prehistoric hunter-gatherer societies as informed through human behavioral ecology, archaeology, and ethnoarchaeology.