Month: May 2015

Alexia Smith was granted tenure

Uconn Anthropology faculty Alexia Smith was recently granted tenure. Congratulations!

Alexia Smith
Alexia Smith

Alexia Smith’s interests include agriculture, agricultural development, palaeoethnobotany, climate change and landscape use, ecological anthropology, and Bronze and Iron Age archaeology of the Near East.

Coverage of Sarah Sportman’s work on prison archaeology

Megan Gannon from Atlas Obscura covers work of UConn Anthropology graduate Sarah Sportman:

Old prison
Starving Felons, and Other Lessons from Prison Archaeology

William Stuart didn’t really mind sleeping 50 feet underground in a dank abandoned mine or being in close quarters with felons—the ticks and fleas were fewer in the subterranean world and the temperature stayed fairly cool and constant. But what he hated about life at Old Newgate Prison was the food, or lack thereof….

Alexia Smith wins the Life Raft Debate

Life Raft Debate


The Earth is ruined, and there’s one seat left on a spaceship leaving to colonize another planet. Faculty experts debated, and a panel of judges – together with the audience – decided the winner. UConn anthropologist Alexia Smith won the contest by arguing: “an anthropologist, of course…”