UConn Anthropology at SfAA Meetings in Pittsburgh

Faculty, graduates, and students affiliated with UConn ANTH presenting at the SfAA Meetings 3/24-28 in Pittsburgh, PA:

BRAULT, Marie A. (UConn), SINGH, Rajendra and JAGTAP, Vaishali (Int’l Ctr for Rsch on Women) Multi-Level Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health Outcomes for Young Women in Low-Income Communities in Mumbai, India

COLON, Richard and CLANCY, Alexander (UConn) A Gentleman Always Tells: Challenging the Way Fraternity Men Talk about Sexual Violence

ERICKSON, Pamela (UConn) College Students’ Knowledge and Perceptions of Privacy and Safety in the Digital Age

FRANK, Cynthia (Yale U), KYRIAKIDES, Tassos (Yale U, VA CT Healthcare System), FRIEDLAND, Gerald and ANDREWS, Laurie (Yale U), KOZAL, Michael (Yale U, VA CT Healthcare) A Study of the Concordance of Knowledge and Beliefs Held by Patients Infected with HIV and Their HIV Health Care Providers Regarding Single Tablet Regimens (STR). (KNABSTR study).

LERMAN, Shir (UConn) An Ugly Paradise: Mental Health, Social Stressors, and Puerto Rico’s Political Status

MARCUS, Ruthanne (Yale U) and SINGER, Merrill (UConn) Assessing the PHAMILIS Syndemic of Homeless Women
RUIZ, Hector (U Pitt) and ABADIA, Cesar (UConn) Latin American Participatory Action Research (PAR) Ethnography. Arts and Collaboration through Hope and Despair at the Colombian Child and Maternity University Hospital

SCHENSUL, Stephen L. (UConn Sch of Med), SCHENSUL, Jean J. (ICR), and BRAULT, Marie (UConn) Translating Ethnography into Intervention.

SINGER, Merrill (UConn), Jose Hasemann (UConn), Abigail Raynor (UConn) “I feel suffocated:” Understandings of Climate Change in an Urban Heat Island.

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