UConn Anthropology at Paleoanthropology Society 2015 Annual Meeting

Faculty and graduates from UConn ANTH presenting at Paleoanthropology Society 2015 Annual Meeting 04/14-15 in San Francisco:

Posters, Tuesday, April 14:
Frahm, E., D. S. Adler, J. M. Feinberg, K. N. Wilkinson and B. Gasparyan. Developing geochemical and magnetic studies of obsidian lithic assemblages: a case study in the Hrazdan, Valley, Central Armenia.

Glauberman, P., B. Gasparyan, S. Kuhn, K. Wilkinson, E. Frahm, Y. Raczynski-Henk,
H. Haydosyan, S. Napapetyan, D. Arakelyan and D. Adler. Hominin population dynamics and dispersals in the Armenian highlands and Anatolia: new data from Barozh 12, a Middle Paleolithic open-air site on the edge of the Ararat Depression, Armenia.

Mant-Melville, A. Impact fracture patterns on experimental basalt points – towards a more robust macro-fracture method.

Oral Presentations, Wednesday, April 15:
Leslie, D. E., S. McBrearty, G. Hartman. Reconstructing Middle Pleistocene landscapes in the Kapthurin Formation using biomass
productivity and stable isotope proxies.

Blegen, N. Evidence of early Middle Stone Age technology and long distance transport of obsidians by later middle Pleistocene hominins at the ~300 ka Sibilo School Road Site (GnJh-79), Kapthurin Formation, Kenya.

Wilkinson, K., D. Adler, S. Blockley, E. Frahm, D. Mark, C. Mallol, S. Nahapetyan, and B. Gasparyan. Paleolandscape context for Lower-Middle Paleolithic activity in the Hrazdan Valley, central Armenia.

Adler, D., K. Wilkinson, S. Blockley, D. Mark, E. Frahm, B. Schmidt-Magee, P. Glauberman, Y. Raczynski-Henk, O. Joris and B. Gasparyan. Early Levallois technology and the transition from the Lower to Middle Paleolithic in the southern Caucasus.

Hartman, G. and A. Brittingham. Was the Younger Dryas of the southern Levant dry, or just cold? Stable isotope evidence from gazelle teeth.

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